First Review: Mr. Meeble

January 17, 2010

I first found out about this band on youtube, over a year ago. they only had a handful of subscribers and comments on 2 videos. But now, they are selling their debut album, “Never Trust the Chinese” on amazon. And i was not even aware of this amazing progress until recently when I heard their song posted someplace else… And to think I talked to these guys, praising them constantly.

Mr. Meeble is an atmospheric, experimental band. But their songs vary in style, some more electronic or mainstream-sounding than others. But I’m not gonna lie: i can’t find anything bad to say about the album. Every song stands on its own, while also flowing together as an hour-long experience. I dont know why but I did not expect them to be from Phoenix, more from Sweden in my head. Probably because of the above average dose of synth pop sound. Their videos are brilliantly abstract as well, must be watched. I think it’s safe to say that almost anyone would like at least one track from that album, if not all of them… 

To me, ‘Raindrops’ is the most contagious track. the bassline and smooth vocals between the man and woman in the chorus, ah and what flows better than the lyrics “raindrops keep falling on my head… but that doesn’t mean my eyes will soon be turning red”. Not  to mention the hugely poetic rap that closes the song. 

This relatively unknown band is up in my favorites, and i think they have so much to offer, and by that I mean, I felt the same as when I heard Pink Floyd for the first time: I had to pause what I was doing and close my eyes because it was grand. and I am looking forward to more of Monsieur Meeble for that reason. IT IS ART.

Interview with Fleenor, the band’s lead here

This one’s a real beauty:

But listen to the entire album! I beg you! 



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